About Us

Hi! We're bouncee.

We are a team of Australian designers and engineers.

It may surprise you that our journey began with a mission far different than creating a unique cooler on Aussie soil - we actually started bouncee to reduce the amount of single-use packaging required by the food and pharmaceutical industries to deliver perishables. Our mission was to create a new reusable packaging system to deliver perishables more safely and with zero waste.

When our first bouncee collapsible containers rolled off the production line, it was a scorching 35°C summer day. The first thing we did was divide it with some cold drinks on one side and some food and beach gear on the other.

After that day, it never left the boot of our car, and we realised our reusable packaging system also made for an incredibly convenient and lightweight cooler.

We want to empower people with innovative Australian products that accelerate our transition to a zero-waste economy.

Change is a collective effort.

Reusable products eliminate waste at its source by stopping the production of single-use items. Their benefits are undeniable, but global adoption needs to be higher, and a collective effort is required to scale them rapidly.

When you choose a bouncee product for home and recreational purposes, you amplify our zero-waste efforts and potential impact here and abroad. Check out our Business page for more info!

We design here. We make here.

“Manufacturing is the most important source of innovation in the Australian economy.” Jim Stanford, The Australia Institute.

 Like Jim, we are passionate about developing and manufacturing innovative products on Aussie soil.

We developed the entire bouncee system here and are proud to manufacture our collapsible coolers and dividers under the iconic Australian Made tag.

From plants to products.

Transitioning to a circular economy is a significant global challenge, and many new technologies will play an important role in driving and scaling meaningful change.

That’s why we love collaborating with our sister brand Envee. Envee uses innovative bio-based materials to create more sustainable alternatives to everyday products. One example is their 100% plant-based beanbag beans, which are a polystyrene alternative that can be industrially composted at the end of their life. We highly recommend checking them out: www.envee.eco