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The ultimate collapsible cooler for when you're on-the-go.


Introducing, bouncee.

Designed and made in Australia, bouncee keeps your food and drinks at the perfect temperature, while its versatile configuration options ensure you can pack it just the way you want it. When the day is finally over, you can effortlessly fold it down to restore order to your boot or garage space.

Light & highly portable

Coming in at less than 2.4kg, it's up to four times lighter than common hard coolers.

Built for the journey

Crafted from our patented blend of rigid and foamed PP for performance insulation and durability.


Slotted ice packs and dividers, isolate areas for easy organisation of your goods.


Patented design folds down to half its size when not in use.

Fold Down For Rest. Fold Up For Adventure.

Say hello to organisation

Bouncee's matching ice bricks and thermal dividers create different temperature zones for chilled, frozen, hot or ambient goods. This gives you complete freedom to pack it just how you want it - whether keeping groceries chilled during your daughter's sporting game or delivering a hot meal to a friend in need.



I thought I would give one of the kits with the gel packs a go because I was a bit sick of having water from melted ice in my esky. The collapsible cooler feels quality, I was not expecting it being made of foam. Pretty amazing really. Only been using it a little while, but super happy with what you get for the price too. You can spend a lot just to get ice packs normally. I have fridges, but am keen to use this in my camper and take it on day trips. Because it folds down, I can slide it under the bed when I’m not using it, which is handy. I like that you can keep drinks separate from food and stop things from falling over with the vertical ice bricks as well. My wife loves that it's super light, and wants one to have in her car for groceries. Now I just have to figure out the best layout for beers!

Sammy B.

I was looking at other options in stores but ended up going with the bouncee because it was actually made in Australia, and they are doing something purposeful with sustainability. The quality and feel of the thing have outweighed my expectations. Haven’t seen anything made of foam that feels anything like it or as strong. It's now a fixture in my ute. Been using it all the time, and it's super convenient. We have BBQs at work, and I have been using it to keep the meat cold on one side and store the bread on the other without it getting soggy. Really looking forward to taking it on a weekend away my wife and I have planned at an Airbnb in a few weeks.

Cameron P.

bouncee accelerates our transition to a zero-waste economy.

Using bouncee coolers and accessories, we empower businesses in the food and pharmaceutical sectors to go reusable and eliminate single-use packaging waste. By choosing bouncee for personal use, you are supporting local Australian manufacturing and our mission toward a zero-waste future.

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Staying ahead of the curve

Developing bouncee coolers took thousands of hours, and the result is truly unique. They are the world's first combination of real thermal performance and durability in a lightweight and convenient collapsible design.

They stand out from traditional coolers by eliminating the heavy plastic outer shell, collapsing to half their size when not in use and offering endless configurability in packing.

Advanced materials

Insulating, durable & light.

Bouncee coolers are made from our patented blend of rigid polypropylene (PP) for durability and foamed polypropylene (EPP) for performance insulation.

Made from over 93% air, EPP is an exciting material commonly found inside car bumper bars! It offers exceptional cushioning, insulation, lightweight durability, and eco-friendly properties, such as its non-harmful blowing agents, resource efficiency and 100% recyclability.


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