Exploring possibilities: Where to use bouncee

Exploring possibilities: Where to use bouncee

From picnics to road trips and grocery shopping to outdoor workdays, bouncee is a light and convenient companion for enhancing your experiences. The beauty of the versatile design is that it adapts to your unique needs every time you use it, and when you don’t need it, it stores flat in the garage, home, car or boat.

In this guide, we'll take you through some of the great applications where we use ours. 

Road Trips: Refreshments on-the-go

Keep your drinks and snacks chilled and easily accessible during those long drives and pit stops along the way.

We actually leave ours in the car full time – perfect for picking up hot takeaways and keeping the groceries from getting hot or moving around. You can also create a rubbish bin with an old plastic bag or store your gear in bouncee when you're not using it.  

Picnics: Enjoy time outdoors with friends.

Keep your snacks, sandwiches, fruits, and refreshing beverages at the perfect temperature, ensuring a delightful and safe dining experience surrounded by nature. Plus, the bouncee cooler is a comfortable seat, keeping you off the ground.

Grocery shopping: Sustainable and convenient

Its 30mm insulation thickness makes it a great reusable solution that keeps your perishables fresh until you reach home. Perfect for getting groceries far away from home or on the way to your daughter's sporting game.

And if you already have an X-Cart, Clax Cart, or KartR, the bouncee 43L collapsible cooler is the perfect pairing.

Outdoor workdays: Stay cool, stay productive.

Keep your drinks and lunch at the perfect temperature while working on-site or escaping the office for a productive day in a refreshing location.

Sporting events: Cheers to good times

One of our all-time favourite uses for bouncee. Want the kids to have cold drinks after their game? Done. Do you need to keep the half-time oranges chilled and safe? Done. Need a seat on the sidelines? Done. Want to watch on with the tailgate of your ute down and a cold beer? Done. A professional outfit that needs to take a cooler on tour? Bouncee’s patented space-saving design is unmatched.

Boating, camping & fishing

In these applications, it’s probably not your only cooler. Still, we recommend adding bouncee into the mix to use in conjunction with the hard coolers and fridges you probably already own. We have all been on those trips when we wished we had a second cooler or additional storage box tucked away for when we needed it. Bouncee is lightweight, insulating, strong and collapsible, making it a valuable tool in the car, boat or 4WD.

“I use mine to hold drinks, food and dry gear because our other big expensive hard cooler is often taking in fish, being used for bait and wet from loose ice. Lifting the big cooler into the boat is a two-person job. I was so happy the first time I lifted the bouncee into the boat. I wasn’t expecting it to be so light and easy.”  Jason, H - Tassie.

Gatherings: Lasting memories

Whether you’re hosting or attending a dinner party, Christmas lunch or a backyard BBQ, bouncee will keep your dishes, drinks, and desserts fresh and at the right temperatures. To level up, organise your different goods with the thermal dividers and utilise reusable ice packs to eliminate soggy food.

Signing off:

These are just a few examples of where bouncee shines and adds value in everyday life. We love to see how you use your bouncee, so don’t forget to share your pictures and videos with us on socials!  

Remember, bouncee coolers are designed, made and supported in Aus – feel free to contact us with any questions.

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