About us

Our story

We saw a problem.

After being involved in packaging design and manufacturing for 10 years, we grew increasingly frustrated with the excessive waste and material consumption involved in delivering perishables with single-use packaging.

We knew reusables were the solution because they stopped the production of single-use products and eliminated waste at the source. Still, global adoption was lower than needed, and new technology was required to create the necessary impact.

Our story

We made a plan.

As a team of engineers and designers, we wanted to empower food and pharmaceutical businesses with fresh thinking and new technology that could help them eliminate waste in temperature-controlled logistics.

So embracing the vision for a circular economy, we conceptualised bouncee as a means to reduce our reliance on single-use packaging, provide a durable system for multiple uses, and ensure all components could be recycled at their highest value.

Our story

We built it here.

“Manufacturing is the most important source of innovation in the Australian economy.” Jim Stanford, The Australia Institute.

Like Jim, we are passionate about developing and manufacturing innovative products on Aussie soil.

We developed the entire bouncee system here and are proud to manufacture our collapsible crates and dividing accessories under the iconic Australian Made tag.

Today: The zero-waste economy

More than a box.

Bouncee provides innovative businesses with reusable alternatives that transition their perishable deliveries from single-use to zero-waste.

It is useful anywhere companies need to keep perishables within specific temperatures and can eliminate cartons, polystyrene boxes, soft plastic insulation wraps, film gel packs and many other types of single-use packaging that often end up in landfills.

Bouncee is more than just an Australian-made crate and a collection of reusable accessories. It is a community that revolves around a holistic, circular system. We work together on every life cycle stage to ensure efficient sustainability throughout.

We want to empower businesses with innovative Australian products that accelerate our transition to a zero-waste economy.

Hi! We're bouncee.

We leverage lightweight foams to create functional, eco-friendly products that minimise environmental impact.

We are an Australian owned company proud to design and manufacture products here. We also have a substantial global patent portfolio for several technologies in the particle foam industry and a strong history of partnering with manufacturers and distribution companies globally to deliver our solutions.

If you are interested in discussing opportunities for bouncee within your region, we would love to hear from you.

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From plants to products.

Transitioning to a circular economy is a significant global challenge, and many new technologies will play an important role in driving and scaling meaningful change.

That’s why we love collaborating with our sister brand envee. Envee uses innovative bio-based materials to create more sustainable alternatives to everyday products. One example is their 100% plant-based beanbag beans, which are a polystyrene alternative that can be industrially composted at the end of their life.

We highly recommend checking them out.