Kits: Cooler, Ice Bricks & Dividers

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The ultimate collapsible cooler system for when you're on-the-go.

Made from our patented combination of performance insulation and strength, they are built to go the distance while still being super light.

Its endless configurability lets you pack it just the way you want it - whether it's keeping groceries chilled during your daughter's sporting game or delivering a hot home-cooked meal to a friend in need. And when the day is finally over, you can effortlessly fold it down to restore order to your boot space or garage.

Our collapsible cooler is designed for use with reusable ice bricks to avoid soggy food and gear. If using with loose servo ice, throw it in a sealed bag to avoid leakage. 

Cooler & dividers are proudly designed and made in Australia. 

What’s included in each bundle? Scroll down!  

Bouncee Bundles: The Starter Kit

The Starter Kit.

Our starter bundle is ideal for people who will use the bouncee cooler less than half full most of the time or who already have a lot of reusable ice packs at home.

You can pack a few drinks on one half and put your other gear on the other. It’s also great for applications like taking your lunch to work, small grocery shops, and having a beer at a local football game.

The Ice Bricks can be kept ready for use in your freezer. If you don’t have a lot of freezer space, you can always store them separately and freeze them 24-48 hours before use.

The Flex Kit.

Our flex bundle adds one more Half Ice Brick and two Small Ice Bricks, which gives you more potential layouts to work with and the ability to keep things colder for longer. It is also better for packing out full coolers.

It’s a great universal kit for those that don’t currently own any reusable ice packs, and it will handle most applications you can think of.

The Ice Bricks can be kept ready for use in your freezer. If you don’t have a lot of freezer space, you can always store them separately and freeze them 24-48 hours before use.

The Pro Kit.

Our pro kit is designed for those that want to get the most out of their bouncee cooler. It gives you the flexibility to handle any application. In comparison to the Flex Kit, it includes one more Half Ice Brick, two more Small Ice Bricks and one more Vertical Divider.

It is also a great kit if you don’t already have any reusable ice packs at home.The Ice Bricks can be kept ready for use in your freezer. If you don’t have a lot of freezer space, you can always store them separately and freeze them 24-48 hours before use.

You can still add to it over time, including our full horizontal ice packs and dividers, which are handy for maximising the full cooler’s performance with big or bulk goods.

Built for the journey

Adapts to your needs.

The beauty of bouncee lies in its versatile design that adapts to your unique needs every time you use it. Add our reusable ice packs and thermal dividers to create different temperature zones for chilled, frozen, ambient and hot foods or gear.

Pack it just the way you like it.

Built for the journey

Keeps you fresh.

Whether you're embarking on a spontaneous picnic in the park, hosting a memorable dinner party, or hitting the open road for an epic trip, bouncee ensures fresh eats, cool sips, and neatly packed essentials.

Its lightweight and collapsible design makes it easy to carry and great for storing in your garage, home, car, or boat when not in use.

Built for the journey

Enables moments.

We created bouncee to enhance that precious time with friends, children, and family. Go out and enjoy that delightful picnic surrounded by nature. Make sure that takeaway food arrives hot. Celebrate that impossible victory with cold drinks.

Zero-waste mission

Stops the waste.  

Bouncee is about more than just a unique Australian-made cooler. Our mission is to eliminate single-use packaging in food and pharmaceutical delivery.

Our collapsible coolers power our reusable, zero-waste delivery system, and every unit sold contributes to scaling our impact in the business sector.

The Collapsible Cooler.

Convenient: Folds up for adventure. Folds down for rest. Collapses to less than half its size when not in use, saving your valuable car, garage, apartment, and boat space.

Light & Highly Portable: Weighing less than 2.4kg, it's up to four times lighter than traditional hard coolers, making it easy to carry. If you have more than one,
they are all interlock and stack up securely. 

Built for the Journey: Crafted from our patented blend of rigid PP and foamed PP, it's unexpectedly strong and provides over 30mm of performance insulation to keep your food hot and drinks chilled.

The Thermal Dividers.

Creates multiple temperature zones in one cooler: Pack chilled, frozen or hot food on one side while keeping ambient goods or gear on the other. This maximises the cooler's performance and allows you to carry everything in one box.

Extends temperature control times: When you don't have a full cooler worth of perishables, your Thermal Dividers can reduce the internal volume. This reduces empty air space and keeps your food cold or hot for longer. There is now no need to have a second smaller cooler!

Light: Made from >93% air, they won't add weight to your cooler.

The Ice Bricks.

Keeps food cold and fresh: Extends cold temperatures in the cooler.

No soggy and wet food: Doesn’t melt on your food and gear like loose ice.

Integrates with the bouncee cooler: Each one is designed to fit the cooler for different scenarios and helps maximise cooling performance.

Reusable: Saves water, time and money over the life of your cooler in comparison to servo ice.

Non-toxic formula & recyclable: Contains no nasties. Drain-safe & plant safe. Recycle in your curbside bin at the end of life.

Neatly packed

With endless configurations of Ice Bricks and Thermal Dividers, you can organise your cooler just how you like it.  

Easy going

Ergonomic handles on the top and bottom for effortless lifting and carrying. Dividers and Ice Bricks fit simply and easily.

Unseen surface

The innovative surface texture makes it nice to touch and easy to clean.

The details.

43L Folding Cooler: Colour: Black - Material: PP - Capacity: 43.5 Litres

Vertical Thermal Dividers: Colour: Black - Material: PP

Ice Bricks: Colour: Natural + green liquid - Material: HDPE

Starter Kit: Sku: B61018 -- Flex Kit: Sku: B61019 -- Pro Kit: Sku: B61020


Customer Reviews

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Sturdy and spacious.


Great product. As described, works well.

Gwen T
Bounce boxes

These are brilliant...keep everything cold inside for hrs!! Easy to use & easy to store when not in use...will be buying more!

Virginia Pringle

Kits: Cooler, Ice Bricks & Dividers

Mitchell Perry
Great cooler!

A very stylish and practical cooler. We have loved using it for weekend trips away and the fact it packs up so small is great for storage in our apartment. Highly recommend!