5xR Sustainability Philosophy

5xR Sustainability Philosophy

Any bouncee system starts with protecting perishables from damage, maintaining required temperatures and keeping goods fresh at all times.

“If the package system fails to provide adequate protection for the goods it contains, it is not really sustainable at all, as in this case both package and product will be wasted.” 

Selke PhD, School of Packaging MSU.

Once that is taken care of, we turn our attention to using innovative designs that enable efficient stewardship of the system through a 5xR philosophy: Reduce, Reuse, Return, Repair and Recycle.

1. Reduce:

Reusable systems like bouncee inherently reduce our reliance on single-use insulated packaging, such as cartons, polystyrene boxes, soft plastic insulation wraps and film gel packs. We also aim to optimise our designs for perishable sizes, pallets, van fit-outs and other logistics factors to minimise the number of crates and accessories required for the job. And lastly, we utilise resource-efficient particle foams like EPP, made from >93% air.

2. Reuse:

We are committed to building high-quality products in Australia that last years in your supply chain. Our patented collapsible crates combine the same resilient foam as your car’s bumper bar for insulation and rigid polypropylene for the critical sections that require maximum durability. Adding our reinforced gussets, increased density and attention to wall thicknesses makes for one tough, reusable crate.

3. Return:

Our patented collapsible, space-saving design has been built for efficient distribution and returns from across our vast country.

4. Repair:

Thanks to their patented modular construction, individual panels of bouncee crates can be replaced, allowing us to repair worn or damaged units over time. This enables the once-damaged crates to return to service, maximising the environmental investment in the other components.

5. Recycle: 

Bouncee crates and accessories are made from EPP, PP, and HDPE. All these plastics are recyclable at the end of their long lives in your supply chain. The HDPE bottles can be punctured and drained before sending to your usual curbside or commercial recycler. For the crates and thermal dividers, we take them back for continuous improvement analysis and to facilitate recycling them into new products.

Signing off:

Bouncee is more than just an Australian-made crate, a collection of coolants and accessories. When you choose bouncee, you join our community that revolves around a holistic, circular system. We all collaborate on every life cycle stage and ensure efficient sustainability throughout.

Contact us today to discuss how you can go from single-use to zero-waste.

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