More than a box. Bouncee is a system.

More than a box. Bouncee is a system.

“The ability of our world’s citizens to perform effective systems thinking is extremely important to the world’s future.”

Ross D. Arnold, 2015 Conference on Systems Engineering Research


Bouncee is more than just an Australian-made crate, a collection of coolants and accessories. When you choose bouncee, you join our community that revolves around a holistic, circular system. We all collaborate on every life cycle stage and ensure efficient sustainability throughout.

A circular economy example based on bouncee:

1. Design and manufacture

Bouncee designs and manufactures innovative crates and accessories in Australia or for international customers at a location close to you. No matter how small your application, we collaborate on evaluating pack-outs, temperature control, and other key factors to adjust the system to maximise its performance in your supply chain.

For higher volume users, you can work with our design team to customise the entire system and maximise its efficiency in your application. Branding, sizes, layouts, fit with automation and many other design adjustments are possible.

2. Delivery to you

Bouncee, with its fold-flat architecture, has been built for efficient delivery anywhere in the world. 

2A to 2F: Your operations

 All bouncee products are designed and built to provide as many cycles in your supply chain and operations as possible.

Storage: bouncee crates fold down to save more than 50% of warehouse space.
Conditioning: In applications requiring ice packs, we tailor them to the lowest weights for the job, and they stack in trolleys/racks for fast freezing. 
Packing: Crates fold up in only a few seconds, pack quickly, and have straight walls for maximum internal volume.  
Staging: They interlock for fast, safe stacking, and they fit on pallets, dollies and other common equipment. There are also many low-adhesion shipping label zones and cardholders for easy order identification. 
Delivery: Our pre-validated designs hold temperatures accurately during delivery due to their 30mm EPP thickness, integrated ice packs and thermal dividers. 
Washing: When they need to be cleaned, bouncee crates and accessories handle washing temperatures, common chemicals and automation. 

3. Returning for repair and then back to you.

Thanks to their patented modular construction, individual panels of bouncee crates can be replaced. This enables repairs of once-damaged crates, returning them to service and maximising the economic and environmental investment in the other components.

We take damaged crates back, analyse them for continuous improvement of designs, and repair them. Repaired crates are returned to you, and damaged components are sent to stage 4 for recycling.

4. Recycling at the end of life.

Bouncee crates and accessories are made from EPP, PP, and HDPE. All these plastics are recyclable at the end of their long lives in your supply chain. The HDPE bottles can be punctured and drained before sending to a curbside program or a commercial recycler. For the EPP crates and thermal dividers, we take them back to facilitate recycling into new products.


Common questions:

1. Do bouncee users always follow this system?

Absolutely not - every bouncee user does some variant or modification of the above to match their preference or requirement. This is just one example of the systems thinking behind bouncee that can be easily modified and adapted to meet the needs of many supply chains and applications.

2. When should I fold the crate? Every time?

As you can see above, the patented collapsible design is critical for ensuring the lowest possible cost-per-use and environmental impact over the total life cycle. Remember, with reusable packaging, you often invest once and then pay in your operations every time it is used.
The beauty of the design is that it is there when you need it - where it saves you money, adds convenience and improves efficiency; we recommend you fold it down. Where it doesn’t - don’t!
3. Can I also track the assets?
There are many benefits to our optional asset labels (QR-coded, RFID or IoT) that can be fitted to your Bouncee crates and accessories:
1. The lifetime of each component can be tracked.
2. Goods can be scanned into crates and matched to orders.
3. We can combine with software to achieve traceability throughout your operations (packing, shipping, returns, washing etc.)
4. You will know what crates are at what house or business, and you will be able to track customers’ return habits accurately. This also provides the mechanism for taking and returning deposits, which has become a very popular tool in reusable packaging.


    Signing off:

    If you want to dive deeper into systems thinking and application in the circular economy, we recommend checking out: “Systems and the circular economy” by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation

    We would love to discuss adapting bouncee to your application. Contact us today. 

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