Optimising packing layouts

Optimising packing layouts

Efficient packing plays a vital role in operational speed and maintaining the quality of goods during transportation. When it comes to insulated packaging, ensuring consistent thermal performance and avoiding potential damage to perishables is crucial. The bouncee crates and accessories offer a range of configurations designed to meet the specific needs of the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Just the insulated crate:

A reliable, insulated crate is often sufficient for many applications, such as catering and restaurant delivery. Bouncee's patented construction eliminates air gaps and provides 30mm of EPP insulation on each wall, ensuring optimal thermal protection.

This configuration is also ideal for bulk produce and, when necessary, can even be paired with a water-tight bag and crushed ice for long journeys.

Adding thermal dividers allows for order organisation or further optimisation of the internal volume to match the size of goods in each shipment.

Vertically divided:

Chilled, frozen & ambient zones.

Bouncee offers various vertically divided layouts to accommodate applications requiring separate chilled, frozen and ambient temperature zones. This configuration is particularly useful for shipping beverages like milk and juices, allowing them to be packed upright and minimising the risk of spillage. It also works extremely well for meal kits and grocery applications that involve a mix of chilled and ambient items shipped together in a single box.

Horizontally divided:

Chilled, frozen & ambient zones.

The horizontally divided layout is another great option for separating chilled and ambient goods. This configuration helps cater for long goods, such as celery and is commonly used in high-volume operations.

It has an efficient and consistent packing process from bottom to top. It also ensures high thermal performance as the ice packs come into direct contact with a substantial volume of perishables.

Signing off:

In collaboration with you, we can test, adjust and optimise the layouts for food delivery, grocery staging, click and collect, micro fulfilment, catering, pre-prepared meal delivery, meal kit delivery, grocery delivery, distribution to pharmacies and pathology, to name a few.

As a team of engineers and designers, we don't speculate. No matter your application size, you can contact us to arrange a transparent temperature or pack-out test.

Contact us today to collaborate and adapt our packing layouts to your unique application.


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