43L Folding Cooler

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The ultimate collapsible cooler for when you're on-the-go. 

Made from our patented combination of performance insulation and strength, they are built to go the distance while still being super light.

Its endless configurability lets you pack it just the way you want it - whether it's keeping groceries chilled during your daughter's sporting game or delivering a hot home-cooked meal to a friend in need. And when the day is finally over, you can effortlessly fold it down to restore order to your boot space or garage.

Designed for use with reusable ice bricks to avoid soggy food and gear. If using with loose servo ice, throw it in a sealed bag to avoid leakage. 

Proudly designed and made in Australia. 

What’s included: 1 x Bouncee 43L Folding Cooler. If you need accessories as well, check out our bundles

Conveniently collapsible

Folds up for adventure. Folds down for rest. Collapses to less than half its size when not in use, saving your valuable car, garage, apartment, and boat space.

Light & Highly Portable

Weighing less than 2.4kg, it's up to four times lighter than traditional hard coolers, making it easy to carry. If you have more than one, they are all interlock and stack up securely.

Built for the Journey

Crafted from our patented blend of rigid PP and foamed PP, it's unexpectedly strong and provides over 30mm of performance insulation to keep your food hot and drinks chilled.


Integrates seamlessly with our ice packs and dividing accessories so you can isolate areas for easy organisation and create different temperature zones. Reusable ice packs avoid soggy wet food & gear!

Easy going

Ergonomic handles on the top and bottom for effortless lifting and carrying.

Unseen surface

The innovative surface texture makes it nice to touch and easy to clean.

Built for the journey

Adapts to your needs.

The beauty of bouncee lies in its versatile design that adapts to your unique needs every time you use it. Add our reusable ice packs and thermal dividers to create different temperature zones for chilled, frozen, ambient and hot foods or gear.

Pack it just the way you like it.

Built for the journey

Stays fresh.

Whether you're embarking on a spontaneous picnic in the park, hosting a memorable dinner party, or hitting the open road for an epic trip, bouncee ensures fresh goods and neatly packed essentials.

Its lightweight and collapsible design makes it easy to carry and great for storing in your garage, home, car, or boat when not in use.

Zero-waste mission.

Stops the waste.   

Bouncee is about more than just a unique Australian-made cooler. Our mission is to eliminate single-use packaging in food and pharmaceutical delivery.

Our collapsible coolers power our reusable, zero-waste delivery system, and every unit sold contributes to scaling our impact in the business sector.

The details

Model: 43L Folding Cooler

Capacity: 43.5 Litres

Colour: Black

Material: Rigid & Foamed PP

SKU: B61009

I thought I would give one of the kits with the gel packs a go because I was a bit sick of having water from melted ice in my esky. The collapsible cooler feels quality, I was not expecting it being made of foam. Pretty amazing really. Only been using it a little while, but super happy with what you get for the price too.

Sammy B.

I was looking at other options in stores but ended up going with the bouncee because it was actually made in Australia, and they are doing something purposeful with sustainability. The quality and feel of the thing have outweighed my expectations. Haven’t seen anything made of foam that feels anything like it or as strong. It's super convenient. We have BBQs at work, and I have been using it to keep the meat cold on one side and store the bread on the other without it getting soggy.

Cameron P.


Customer Reviews

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Dean Blackbeard
Great product

Amazing product; packs up compactly and engineered to perfection. When assembled there are no visible crack for air to escape. Seems to be hardy enough to withstand some accidental drops and the hinges also seem to be well thought out

Solomon Foster
What a revolutionary product!

Most people end up owning an eski which they can only be bothered pulling out of their basement once every five years for a camping trip or bucks weekend. I keep my Bouncee folded away in my hallway cupboard and pull it out every weekend to go fishing or to get my food up to the shack. I nearly always use the divider so I've got a cold section and a warm section to avoid things getting squashed. Not sure how I managed without one previously now...