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Upgrade your cooling game with these essential companions for your cooler. Whether you're heading to the beach, going on a picnic, or simply stocking up on groceries, these reusable ice packs are here to keep your perishables chilled for longer.

Why we love reusable ice bricks:

  • No soggy food or wet goods.
  • Saves water over the life of your cooler.
  • Cheaper over time compared to servo ice.
  • Stackable.
  • Recyclable.

Strong moulded HDPE bottles for a long life. Non-toxic formulation.

Helpful notes:

  • The Full Ice Brick model is very big! Please check your freezer size before buying. Scroll down for detailed size info!
  • The Vertical Ice Brick Model has tabs to slot perfectly into the bouncee cooler. If you don't have a bouncee cooler, we suggest choosing the Half Ice Brick instead. 
Ice Pack Type & Size: The Small.

Keeps food cold & fresh.

Extends cold temperatures in any cooler.

No soggy and wet food.

Doesn’t melt on your food like loose ice.

Integrates with the bouncee cooler.

Each one is designed to fit the cooler for different scenarios and helps maximise cooling performance.


Saves water, time and money over the life of your cooler in comparison to servo ice.

Built for the journey

Blow moulded from tough HDPE, they are made for years of use.

Non-toxic formula & recyclable

Contains no nasties. Drain-safe & plant safe. Recycle in your curbside bin at the end of life.

How they fit in your bouncee cooler

The Small.

Each size of Ice Brick can be used in different ways to match your goods, and all of them fit across the width of the cooler to keep items cold no matter their location in the compartment.

The Small Ice Brick is equivalent to a third of the cooler length.

How they fit in your bouncee cooler

The Half.

The Half Ice Brick is equivalent to half the cooler length. 

How they fit in your bouncee cooler

The Vertical.

The Vertical Ice Bricks fit into slots in the cooler to stand upright.

There are three slots available for different amounts of goods.

How they fit in your bouncee cooler

The Full.

The Full Ice Bricks fit across the entire base of the cooler. If you need to pack big items or bulk goods, you can add these to maximise performance.

They work with the Horizontal Divider and are not compatible with the Vertical Divider.

They have a large footprint (485L x 294W mm), so please check that they will fit into your freezer before purchasing.

How they fit in your bouncee cooler

The Combinations

Endless configurations of the Vertical, Small and Half Ice Bricks are possible, particularly when you add the Vertical Thermal Divider.

This allows you to keep all different types and amounts of food chilled while packing it just how you like it.

You can also check out our bundles, which come with various assortments of Ice Bricks and Thermal Dividers to get you started.

The details

Non-toxic formula & recyclable bottle.

Material: HDPE. Colour: Natural bottle + Green liquid.

Small Ice Brick SKU: B61014R
Half Ice Brick SKU: B61015R
Vertical Ice Brick SKU: B61013R
Full Ice Brick SKU: B61016R


Customer Reviews

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Deb C
Great Ice Bricks - not just for Bouncees

I bought a selection in the 3 smaller sizes of these super Ice Bricks to efficiently use in my 3 different sized Techni Ice coolers.when I do not desire to use the dry-ice packs. Glad I found them. Appreciated the clear sizing on the website so I could accurately work out if they'd do the job, and they do. Better than using lots of the small standard bricks available. Good product. Practical product. Appreciated the clear instructions in how to best freeze them. Speedy delivery. Thank you Bouncee.