Thermal Dividers

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Take control of your cooler's interior with our Thermal Dividers. 

They are a perfect addition to your cooler, allowing you to create different temperature zones, organise and maximise thermal performance.  Made from over 93% air, these dividers are easy to use, and won't add unnecessary weight to your cooler.

Vertical Divider:  Easily slots into three positions across the length of your Bouncee cooler, allowing you to customise and match your goods. Works well with Small, Half and Vertical Ice Bricks.

Horizontal Divider:   Floats in the cooler on top of your goods and ice bricks, enhancing performance. It is useful when packing long items/bulk goods in the base of the cooler. It can also be used to trap heat rising off hot dishes in the base. Please note: the Horizontal Divider cannot be used with the vertical ice bricks.

Type: Vertical Thermal Divider

Creates multiple temperature zones in one cooler.

Pack chilled, frozen or hot food on one side while keeping ambient goods or gear on the other. This maximises the cooler's performance and allows you to carry everything in one box.

Extends temperature control times.

When you don't have a full cooler worth of perishables, your Thermal Dividers can reduce the internal volume. This reduces empty air space and keeps your food cold or hot for longer. There is now no need to have a second smaller cooler!

Built for the journey

Made from high-density EPP, they will be with you for years to come.

Simple push in design

Easy to use.


Made from >93% air, they won't add weight to your cooler.

How they fit in your bouncee cooler

The Vertical.

There are three slots for the Vertical Thermal Divider across the length of the bouncee cooler.

You can divide it into one-third, half or two-thirds to match the size of the goods you are trying to keep hot or cold. It can also be used to separate food, drink and gear, such as beach towels or fishing tackle.

Use the thermal divider to reduce the internal volume wherever possible for maximum temperature control.

Want to see more combinations and fitment info? See our Guidebook.

How they fit in your bouncee cooler

The Horizontal.

The Horizontal Thermal Divider floats in the cooler and will sit on top of your goods and ice packs to improve performance.

It is useful when you’re using the large full ice pack to pack large items or bulk goods, and you want to put ambient goods on top.

It can also be put on top of hot dishes. This will help lock the heat in and improve performance.

Note: you cannot use the Horizontal Divider with the vertical ice packs. Want to see more combinations and fitment info? See our Guidebook.

The details

Material: Foamed PP - Colour: Black

Vertical Thermal Divider SKU: B61011 – Horizontal Thermal Divider SKU: B61012


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